A young man captures a cat carrying two bags of kebabs in its teeth

A young man captures a cat carrying two bags of kebabs in its teeth – the photo of the messenger cat has gone viral.

These days, no one is surprised by delivery people in big cities. Couriers come and go day and night, in cold and heat, all to spare some people exhausting trips to stores. But a young man called Samorn Purnim, from Bangkok took an amazing photo of a very unaccustomed food delivery boy.

One day, while out for a walk, Purnim came across a ginger cat carrying two bags. The photo may not show it very well, but one bag had skewers, and the second was a mix of vegetables – cucumbers and tomatoes.

The proud, independent-looking cat, carefully dodging all sorts of obstacles like flowerbeds and holes in the sidewalk, paraded with the bags to the alley where he lives. On the Net, photos of the redhead caused a stir, and people wondered if the animal was carrying the food for itself or bringing it to its owner.

Most Internet users came to the conclusion that the cat is simply well-trained by its owner, and it is his favorite person who carries the food. People also admired the fact that the redhead didn’t try to take a bite out of the kebab, but carried it in one piece.

Maybe by carrying his baggage he would get something from the master. In general, this fluffy little companion won the hearts of many, with most users expressing a desire to get the same cat, so that he could drag something not too heavy around the house.

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