A man rescued a fox and he became his best friend

High prices for fur coats are driving up the numbers in the fur industry. Foxes are one of the first overseas animal breeding facilities. In our country, there is only one fur farm where foxes are bred. Scientists study their behavior, sort them and sell the friendliest of them to individuals as pets.

Viska, like many others like her, was born in a fur factory in Canada. She had to spend her whole life in a small cage. When the baby reached the age of seven months, he was put to sleep and then “cut up”. It is difficult to guess where his fur coat could have been showing off.

It might have been worn by a wealthy lady, wrapped around her neck, or would have become the hem of a jacket, or a shoe decoration. Fortunately, none of this happened to him; she is one of the few people who have had the chance to live in a loving home.

One day, Benjamin saw a report on television about the fur industry. He has set himself the goal of rescuing at least one fate fox from becoming a necklace. If a person sets a clear goal and strives for it, he is sure to achieve the result.

Benjamin was able to redeem a fox named Viska. At the time of purchase, the fox was small, and the man managed to tame the wild animal. However, it was not easy to do. Now Benjamin and Viska spend all their free time together.

This funny animal behaves like a dog: it plays, rolls around, and lets itself be petted. Would you like to have such an animal at home?

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