A woman brought two 14-year-old cats here to spend their old age in love

7 months ago, two 14-year-old cats were delivered to an animal shelter. Their retired owner passed away and none of his relatives wanted to bring his cats home.

Both lived with their grandmother from a young age and are very similar. But they are not related. After 14 years of living together, they have become like water, although they have a completely different characters. The cat is affectionate and outgoing.

We tried to find a new home for them. But no one was interested in taking in animals of that age. In the end, they stayed here and were occasionally released from their cages so they could walk around the rooms. But it certainly wasn’t the life they deserved.

After seven months in the cage, two cats were brought to their new home. They had been waiting for this for a very long time. To help the cats relax, their cage was placed in a quiet, peaceful place where they could look around.

There are many older cats in the household who can become friends with this couple. And volunteers work here to help and pet the cats.

Despite their age and the fact that these cats are no longer as active as they were in their youth, they are still wonderful companions and they all deserve to spend their old age in a warm home.

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