The couple rescued seven different animals

Helping homeless animals isn’t easy, but Casey Boggs and her husband Blake have done a great job. They have since married and have seven pets – four dogs, a cat and two ducks. All the animals had been rescued in difficult circumstances, or taken to a shelter.

How did the two young people manage to cope with such a zoo at home? The secret is to befriend all the animals and the couple succeeded. Dogs, cat and ducks feel like a big flock and therefore get along peacefully in the house.

Those involved in rescuing large numbers of animals are often advised by skeptics to think of children rather than animals. Casey and Blake were, of course, planning to have children, and animals were no obstacle to their plans.

When Casey and her husband brought their first baby home, the dogs welcomed him as a new member of the pack and cared for him in their own way. When a baby cried, one of the dogs would run up to it, Edith or Rosie.

They tried to entertain him until his mother could join him, and they succeeded. Another dog, Jake, often slept next to the newborn, keeping him warm with his body.It was the same with the other children, and there are now three in the family.

Moreover, the number of animals has increased rather than decreased, with the addition of a rabbit and chickens. It goes without saying that children love their pets and now take care of them themselves.

All members of this family are happy – adults, children and animals – and this does not happen very often.

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