A Man Making Lives Better For Animals

The founder of a shelter for American pigs tells stories about his funny pupils. These adorable creatures, who used to live in horrible conditions, can now enjoy life on the farm and make new friends.

A man named Tom Friedman takes care of several piglets. Among them, are Billy the piglet and his brother, a special little piglet named Moby. Before Friedman found them, the animals lived in a damp basement.

Now the pigs take advantage of the space and walk around with their new owner. I can’t believe that anyone can consider these fabulous creatures bacon, – noted the man.

Moby, who was found in the basement, is an unusual piglet. The piglet is tiny in comparison to other animals and suffers from neurological issues. Although his struggles, Moby rapidly acclimated to the farm and became the most active piglet among his friends.

Moby has a crooked head and a slightly deformed neck and he has digestive problems, so he needs more time to eat, but he is happy… Moby just has happiness that inspires others, – said Freedman.

Moby is a very sociable piglet. The man notes that the little pig is constantly snuggling up to him and clamoring for his owner’s attention. Friedman says pigs are extremely intelligent creatures.

They understand their name and even respond to them. They are polite and gentle animals that also need attention and love.

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