The miraculous rescue of the dog. « The prognosis was grim: euthanasia or surgery and disability ».

An ordinary woman has performed a truly heroic act. She’s always been one of those people who can’t overlook someone else’s tragedy and rushes in to help in any way she can.

This is how she came across an alarming announcement on social media: a dog had been found crashed on the road between Minsk and Kolodyshchy in extremely serious condition.

Without thinking, she enlisted the help of her friends and arranged for the animal to be taken to the nearest 24-hour veterinary clinic. The diagnosis turned out to be almost a verdict: fracture of the spine in several places at once. In this case, there are only two prognoses: invalidity of certain death.

They decided to keep the dog overnight under professional supervision: the animal’s well-being required constant vigilance. Irina’s family had a sleepless night because something had to be done because every minute late could be the last for the four-legged dog.

In the morning, they had an idea: to transport the animal to consult with the best veterinarian in Minsk – Grigory Chegodaev. There was only hope for him. After examination, the doctor put the woman in front of a choice: euthanasia or a complex operation without guarantee of survival of the dog.

If she succeeded, it would be a handicap. The woman could not condemn the animal to death without doing everything possible to keep it alive. She believed everyone deserved a chance at salvation, even the stray dog. So he was born with a symbolic name – Luck.

The cost of the operation amounted to almost 10,000 rubles. For the family of a woman who had never lived in wealth, and who sometimes struggled to make ends meet, this sum was unaffordable. Finding so much money in a few days seemed fantastic.

The clinic made a concession and offered to pay in installments. All their friends and acquaintances started raising money for the dog on social media. The dog’s bad luck quickly gained incredible publicity.

The money has been collected, and the long-awaited day of the operation has arrived. Doctors nearly reassembled Chance’s spine, with the whole process taking over 7 hours. The most favorable predictions came true: the animal would not die but would remain handicapped.

After the operation, the dog underwent a long recovery, which lasted more than six months. During this period, Chance felt love and care not only from Irina and her family but also from hundreds of people who sincerely cared about her fate.

Veterinarians were unanimous in saying that this woman was a real miracle in the dog’s life. Had he stayed on the road a little longer, a serious injury would have cost Chance his life.

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