People have traveled over 2,500 kilometers to take a cat from a shelter

People have traveled over 2,500 kilometers to take a cat from a shelter that no one wanted to take because of its appearance. All the cats that are lucky enough to go from the street to a shelter do not necessarily find a home.

Some are unwanted because of their age, some because of illness, and still others because of their appearance. The hero of today’s article was not fooled because of the latter – he had a very peculiar appearance.

It all started when volunteers were notified that three little kittens were rummaging through a trash can on a street in Denton, Texas. Animal rescuers arrived on the scene and captured them all – small, dirty, exhausted, covered in fleas, and hungry.

Surprisingly, with such a neglected condition, the overall health of the kittens was normal. The girls were given the « flower » names Iris and Tulip, but their unusual brother was named Pepe. The cats quickly found a home, but the kitten was unlucky for a long time.

What was so unusual about Pepe? The problems were in his appearance. The fact that he has completely different fur on different parts of his body. And no, we are not talking about color, but about texture.

In some places it was soft, in others, it looked like hair, and in still others, it looked like there was no fur at all. All in all, it was a « neither here nor there » and the cat was neither long-haired nor short-haired nor naked.

It seemed that one part belonged to one race, another to another, and the third to a third. No one knows what the reason for this confusion was, but no one wanted to take the poor man because of her.

But one day, the day of glory arrived. A couple from New York approached the shelter and expressed their willingness to see and take in this unusual cat. It must be said that at this time, the kitten seemed to have lost his illusions.

When he and his sisters had been found, he had been cheerful and active; now he just sat there and was ashamed of himself. The volunteers were sad to see this, so they were very happy when a small hope of finding a home for Pepe presented itself.

The couple had traveled over 2,500 kilometers to find Pepe, which is quite a distance, and the trip was not cheap. The boy and the girl had three cats at home, but one of them, the oldest, was gone, and it was as if the house was deserted.

In this context, they decided to get a new pet, and they chose one that no one had taken, even if it meant taking time off, buying plane tickets, and other things.

As soon as they entered the shelter and hugged Pepe, he came to life. Within minutes, the cat began purring and rubbing its head against the girl, which it hadn’t done in a long time, the volunteers said. They understood that the cat had finally found the people it needed.

The cat coped well with the flight to its new home, quickly made friends with the other pets, and became as active and playful as before. Gradually, Pepe’s appearance began to change, in places he began to grow in size, albeit slowly and only slightly, nevertheless.

He is now a full member of the family, loved and able to give love.

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