A tiger takes care of four cubs and amazes zoologists

In tiger families, the mother always takes care of her cubs. From birth to two years old, she feeds them, watches them, and teaches them hunting and survival techniques.

While the father tiger only deals with the protection of the family from outside threats and usually does not take part in raising his striped cubs.

The mother cubs left in May this year for unknown reasons, after which sanctuary staff installed cameras in the area to monitor the behavior and condition of the tiger cubs.

What they saw surprised them greatly. The tiger’s father began to visit them regularly. He brought his prey to the cubs, played with them, kept them safe, and taught them how to hunt.

The 8-month-old cubs hadn’t had time to master the skill before their mother died, writes Mongabay. The tiger constantly visits its cubs and its behavior proves that it is not a threat to them.

But caring for the cubs is not the first manifestation of the male tiger’s amazing behavior. The sanctuary staff had never seen him with any other female than the one who had become the mother of the cubs.

Zoologists and reserve workers continue to monitor this unusual tiger family. At present, all of the tiger cubs appear healthy, active, well-fed, and content.

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