A dog waited for his master for three years on the doorstep of an empty house

There are many stories about a dog’s loyalty and this is one. It takes place in Busan, South Korea. This is where an old lady lives who once picked up a little dog off the street.

Since then, they appear everywhere together – the old lady and her dog, whom she named Fu Shi. One day, Fu Shi’s landlady fell ill, she was taken to the hospital and then placed in a home for the elderly.

The woman turned out to have Alzheimer’s disease and had no memory of the dog. Her parents couldn’t take her in and they didn’t want the dog either. Fu Shi, therefore, found himself alone in an empty house.

Every morning she sat on the doorstep and guarded the house, waiting for her master, and in the evening she retired to her room and slept on the master’s bed. Neighbors spotted the lone dog and started feeding it.

The good women in the neighborhood brought Fu Shi tasty food and stroked her, wiping away her tears. The dog was wagging its tail and licking its hands back.

It lasted three years. The dog was now eight years old and would probably have died on the doorstep of the house where he had been happy had reporters not picked up the story. One of the neighbors finally thought of calling the television and the animal welfare office.

Her name is now Skye, she has received treatment and is now completely healthy. According to her new owners, she is doing well and receiving lots of food, attention, and care. They also thanked everyone who sent them gifts for the dog – toys, clothes, and food.

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