Rescue an abandoned dog who was waiting for love and a home

Rescue an abandoned dog who was waiting for love and a home.

On his way home one evening, a passerby noticed a chained dog in the neighbor’s yard, near an abandoned house. He immediately contacted Dog Rescue Detroit. Rescuers intervened quickly and sent a volunteer, Tiffany Perkins, to the house.

Tiffany knew a chained pit bull was waiting for her, so she approached the dog carefully. But it’s a reaction she didn’t expect from the dog, who was nicknamed Mazurka!

Such an unpredictable fighting dog, when she realized someone wanted to help her, she instantly relaxed and trusted people. « Mazurka was shy and hid behind the garage, » Tiffany told Dodo. « He looked to the side when I started to call him.

When I approached his tail started to wag. Then he leaned down for us to pet him – and looked visibly relieved. He was also tight as a doll, he was so excited that he got the name Menzurka! »

When the chain was untied, the dog rolled over on its back to being stroked and its belly scratched. Unfortunately, the chain around his neck got stuck, and Menzurka had to undergo minor surgery at the vet.

While the dog and Tiffany waited their turn at the clinic, Menzurka happily slept on the girl’s lap. Even after all the horrors that the dog went through, after the betrayal of his masters, Menzurka did not stop trusting people, he remained a kind and affectionate dog.

He really wanted to be loved. And his dream came true. Mazurka is now safe, loved, and cared for. Mazurka is happy again and will soon find a new home with loving owners.

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